Meet the Ships

What is a Tall Ship?

A tall ship is a traditionally rigged sailing craft. They differ from more modern sailing vesselsin that they do not use newer materials (such as aluminium and steel) and have more complexrigging as a result. Traditional rigging may take the form of square rigs and gaff rigs, with separate topmasts and topsails. Popular modern tall ship rigs include topsail schooners, brigantines, brigs, and barques. The term tall ship has come into widespread use in the mid-20th century with the advent of Tall Ships’ races.

The Matthew

Type: Caravel
Built: 1994-96 in Bristol
Length overall: 24 metres
Beam: 6.5 metres

The Matthew is a full size replica of John Cabot’s ship which charted North America in 1497.She retraced the famous journey of her namesake in 1997 for the 500th anniversary of the voyage carrying the same number of crew and taking the same amount of time to reach Newfoundland. Not everything is exactly the same as the original though. The new Matthew uses some modern building materials such as aluminium bronze bolts rather than hand-wrought iron bolts or wooden nails to hold the planks in place. She also has radar, satellite communication, global positioning, an engine (for safe sailing in the busy seaways of the 20th century,) and a crew who stand a greater chance of survival when at sea as a result! Today, the Matthew is mainly based in Bristol Harbour taking visitors on short cruises.

Lady of Avenel

Type: Brig Schooner
Built: 1968 in Gdansk, Poland
Length: 32 metres
Beam: 7.07 metres

Lady of Avenel was built in Gdansk Shipyard, Poland in 1968. The brigantine square rigged ship comes in at an impressive height of 22 metres making this one truly unmissable! Bought by Heritage Sailing Academy in 2012 she is now mainly used as a platform for adventure sailing.

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