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Greetings traveller. Peruse the wares of the Smugglers Market and find treats aplenty. There are stalls adorning the dockside, filled with incredible edibles and global food adventures for hungry sailors. Alongside ice cream stands and our Grog Bars and nautical themed goods and goodies, lose yourself in Smugglers Market.

Created in 2022 Brisket Brothers started smoking their own brisket and pork in their imported wood fired smoker. Using predominantly oak, the meats are smoked for roughly 14 hours and then pulled before being served on Marks Cotswolds Bakery semi brioche buns or topping Tubby Toms seasoned fries.


Using Huntsham Farm Longhorn Beef mince for their burgers, each burger is cooked to order “smashed” on the plancha grill, seasoned then topped with American cheese and steamed for the perfect, juicy finish.

They make their own pickles, sauces, and mayonnaises, with no compromise on any of the ingredients, and will also be serving delicious wood fired pizzas with speciality toppings.

Brisket Bros
Artisan Gyros


Delicious gyros served in wrapped up hand-made pittas, doused in home-made tzatziki, fillings such as Chicken, Pork, Halloumi or our vegan Soya Gyros – cooked in the same style as chicken with all the same seasonings!

Artisan Bao Buns


Soft, squishy, steamed pillow buns, filled with either delicious Homemade Korean Fried Chicken, 8-Hour Pork Belly or Vegan Fried Chicken, with an array of homemade pickles and delicious homemade sauces.

Hereford Charcuterie


Chef Matus Vojtek came to the UK from his native Slovakia in 2007. He worked in a number of top restaurants in Herefordshire and Wales, seeking to bring the depth of flavour, texture, and taste of true continental cooking to his food.

He sources his charcuterie from only the best continental suppliers, some of whom have been creating specialist meats for many generations.


A family run business selling delicious Polish food -  one of a kind 2ft smoked kielbasa sausages that are made exclusively.


They are served in a toasted brioche baguette with an array of toppings, such as melted cheese and spicy jalapeños, that are always locally and sustainably sourced.

Loaded Sausage Co
Munchies Caribbean Food


Their diverse menu reflects a fusion of culinary traditions which grandmother “nanny"’ started in 1993, blending flavours from around the Caribbean.


The mouth-watering main courses and indulgent food is freshly made, and each dish is crafted with passion. Curry goat, Jerk chicken, Peppered Steak and many other dishes will be available.


Delivering delicious, tender, slow cooked Hog Roast Baps since 2019. You can enjoy succulent Hog Roast served with stuffing, crackling and apple absolute crowd pleaser

The Hog Co only use fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients with their pigs and other dishes.


They are very proud to support the local food industry and always ensure our quality and standards are second to none.

The Hog Co.
Wow Nachos and Tacos


Pop by and make the impossible choice between loaded nachos or tacos.

Served with homemade chilli beef, shredded chicken or veggie chilli served on  fresh tortilla chips with lashings of guacamole, sour cream, salsa, mozzarella and jalapeños, or in a soft tortilla wrap dipped in spicy Birria sauce, topped with mozzarella and spring onions. 


We are collaborating with New Dawn Traders to land sail-shipped olive oil in Gloucester Docks during the festival.


Grayhound will be sailing 650 nautical miles, all the way from northern Spain, to deliver, pollution-free, a cargo of exceptional quality organic extra virgin olive oil from the award-winning Hacienda de Queiles grove. You can pre-order to collect directly from the ship.

Alhema de Queiles Olive Oil

The order deadline is Fri 24 May and only orders of 3-litre tins can be collected from the ship. If you don’t manage to pick up your order from the ship at the festival, it can be posted to you.


If you’d like a large amount, get an extra 10% off orders over £250 with code NDT24TRADE

Get the most from Tall Ships Festival with a small ships experience. Head on over to Gloucester Boat Hire on the Barge Arm to get out on the water.

Check times for tours and hire on the day. Boat hire incurs an extra fee.

Boat Hire

If piloting your own vessel is too much for a laid-back weekend, why not head out on a voyage on the Dunkirk Little Ship, Queen Boadicea II? Book at and depart from the National Waterways Museum. Check boards for times. Incurs an extra fee.

Queen Boadicea II
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